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Our Buttercreams


Our Buttercreams

Our Swiss Meringue and French buttercreams are lovingly made with quality ingredients and are whipped to a light, silky-smooth perfection.


A smooth, creamy buttercream with a subtle vanilla flavor. This buttercream staple pairs well with virtually any cake flavor.

Dark Chocolate

Our silky-smooth buttercream combined with our rich, dark-chocolate ganache.

White Chocolate

Our same creamy buttercream combined with our smooth white-chocolate ganache.


A fruity, refreshing burst of flavor and color created when our homemade raspberry puree meets our buttercream.


Our light-as-air buttercream comes alive with the addition of our homemade strawberry puree.

Caramel Espresso

Homemade brown-sugar caramel meets espresso in this oh-so-smooth taste sensation.

Salted Caramel

A little sweet, a little salty. Something for everyone.


Hints of your morning Joe in a buttery, any-time-of-day confection.

Chocolate Mocha

Rich chocolate buttercream pairs with espresso. A tantalizing caffeine boost!


Suggestions of nuttiness in our heavenly buttercream.

Amaretto Mocha

Espresso and amaretto liqueur awaken your taste buds.


Kirsch liqueur brightens our buttercream with a hint of cherry flavor.


Our homemade orange curd blends with our silky-smooth buttercream.


Our homemade lemon curd combined with our buttercream bursts with citrus-y goodness.


Our buttercream gets a tangy spin with this fresh citrus curd.


Delicate passionfruit flavors meld with our buttercream to create a luscious, fruity union.


All the flavors of mom’s apple pie. Pairs beautifully with our Buttermilk Spice Cake.


A comforting blend of spices gives an autumnal boost to our smooth buttercream.

Irish Cream

What’s better than a shot of Irish Cream liqueur to add that “special something?”


Smooth and sweet apricot jam gives our buttercream a satisfying boost.